Lets Dress in a New Perspective by Michelle Goldfarb

When we think of the month of February, we bathe and cultivate a time of togetherness and community. This month is all about the Aquarian Sun. These creative souls like to wear clothing that is unique and different. Think layers, warm clothes and times were we are innovative in our closet.


On February 2nd., the moon begins her journey in Capricorn. She joins two other transpersonal planets, Saturn and Pluto. Both of these signs are powerful in their own way. Saturn is good at building foundations and also rules Capricorns, where as Pluto purifies all it touches. In addition to the Moon, we have the aspect Venus trine Uranus. Venus is in Sagittarius and Uranus is on its last leg in the sign of Aires.  Because there is harmony with these two planets, we are learning how to self -express ourselves. This is a great day to play with our pattern collection in our wardrobe.  Try mixing stripes and floral together, then toning it down with a nice neutral jacket, which then brings the outfit “down to earth”.


On February 3rd, Venus, planet of self-expression enters Capricorn. Venus will be the third planet to join the elite party. She will be joining Saturn and Pluto also in this authoritative sign. This trio of planets creates a force and strong bond of security. Not only do we feel this on a collective level, but its allowing us show up in a our daily lives with composure and grace.


February 4th, we have a New Moon in Aquarius.  She will be joining Mercury, our communication planet and the expressive Sun. This is going to add a very Uranian flavor to the energy in the cosmos.  Uranus is Aquarius’s ruler, which explains why this detached sign likes to wear clothing that has a shock value. Try putting on interesting sweater with a knee-length skirt and tall boots. This creates a look that plays with proportions and trends.


 February 7th, we have a positive aspect between the Sun in Aquarius and Jupiter in Sagittarius. It is a joining of Air and Fire, for a combination of positive explosion. Wear a bright sweater with a fun detailed sleeve, pair it with a ripped grey denim jean and complete the outfit with a funky bootie.


February 10th, Mercury, the fast moving planet enters into the gates of Pisces, bringing a softer and eloquent vibe to our speech. By Incorporating some longer skirts with tights, we create a wardrobe pallet that brings in a more feminine appeal.


February 12th, right before our most romantic day of the year, Valentines Day, we have Mars conjunct Uranus in Aires. Because Mars is the planet that rules Aires, we are going to feel this aspect through tension in the atmosphere. I recommend wearing some cool colors, such as light blues and lilacs, for some softer looks on this day.


 February 14th, the official Valentines Day, we have Mars enter Taurus. Though it is no surprise that Mars prefers Aires over Taurus. Mars being a grounded earth sign, can really create some stability with the “love vibe” all around. Moon is also in Gemini on this day. Wear a nice sexy colorful top, with a pant and heel. This is the perfect dinner date outfit to celebrate with the one you love.


February 17th, there are two favorable aspects. We have Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces and the Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in Aires.  This is bringing in harmony on all levels.  Anything goes for outfit today. In order to please the cosmos, give the outfit a taste of the Rainbow.  Wear a Spring dress with

 a winter blazer over it and then pair it with some great tall booties and tights.


February 18th, Venus conjuncts Saturn. This is a serious view on our value and worth. Dress in something important and expressing your authentic nature. Wear a blazer with one of your favorite blouses and a nice pair of trousers.


February 19th we have a Full Moon in Virgo. Similar to every Full Moon, we always have an opposing force, which in this case is the Sun in Pisces. Dress today, where you utilize both sides of your practical and your dream. Wear a blousy floral sleeve top, your favorite pair of skinny denim, crew neck cashmere sweater and a colorful bag for a spring preview.


February 22nd, Venus, ruling our love and self-expression conjuncts planet of the transformation Pluto. Today can be a day that you can get sexy with your wardrobe. How about wearing a lace camisole with a durable coat and a pair of black booties.


February 23rd,planet of communication, Mercury, sextiles planet of transformation, Pluto. This occurs in the signs of Pisces and Capricorn. Though these signs appear to be polar opposites, they can really learn from each other’s strengths.  Pisces are the compassionate fish and Capricorns know how to accomplish anything through hard work. Wear something that shows the alliance of these two cosmic signs.  Dress in a unforgettable light colored jacket, muted tone dress and a pair of heel boots.


 February 27th , the Sun in Pisces makes a favorable aspect to  Mars in Taurus.  This harmonious union can help with the communicative battle of land and water. How about we create harmony in your outfit. This can be accomplished by wearing a long maxi skirt with a crop top and a crop jacket.


This Month, though shorter than most this year, has a lot of movement in it. Many of planets are changing signs allowing us to prepare for the seasons ahead. After such a cold and dark winter, we cold use some colorful and inspiring spring looks to add to our wardrobe rotation.







New Year, New Vision by Michelle Goldfarb

We have arrived! 2019 is A new year, new energies and place to cultivate a brand new perspective. As I reflect on 2018, and go down memory lane, I recognize all the growth that has occurred in my life and those around me. Not only did we make it through eclipse season-a time of massive endings, but we had several retrogrades, and multiple unique planetary alignments. This allowed for the deep dive into our inner world and the death of our old selves that we once were. So, how does this have any correlation with fashion you ask? Well, we are more than ever becoming in tune with the energies of the planet. We are emerging as new beings and that means outwardly how we are expressing ourselves.



This year, I have decided to give free monthly fashion forecasts. Each month, I will provide my own interpretations on the major astrological aspects in the sky. These writings, how you choose to interpret them, are to act as a guide for your weekly wardrobe choices. Ill give you suggestions and tips on what to wear on certain days. Please have fun with this and feel free to share with your friends and family.  Are you ready to dress astrologically fashionably?!


As we enter the door to a new year, we glide into the moon in the sign Scorpio. On January 1st, we start the beginning of a new 365-day cycle, setting the tone for transformational 2019 year. In addition to the moon, we are also going to have a Sun Saturn aspect. I suggest wearing a comfortable darker toned jumpsuit in cotton with a structured jacket and short sleek booty. Feel into relaxed “cool girl”.


On January 3rd, the planet of communication Mercury, trines, planet of change Uranus. These are between the signs of Sagittarius and Aires, two fire signs that like each other. Today, is a good day for change. Wear an orange shirt with a patterned skirt with a cotton scarf to tie the look together.


The following day, January 4th, the Sun is occupying Capricorn, making a favorable aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This calls for a day where we can be more imaginative in the wardrobe. Wear a beautiful silk blouse in a blue or teal color, favorite pair of skinny jeans, and a nice crisp white jacket.


On January 5th, a day later. We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. New moons are all about invoking new beginnings and eclipses are ultra powerful. Because it is in the sign of Capricorns expect major shifts to occur around this time. Use this energy to dress in all white; wear denim with a white blouse and a white jacket.


January 7th. Today, planet Venus, ruler of love and beauty enters Sagittarius.  Because she happens to fall in a passionate fire sign, think about bringing out the warmer tones, such as the reds and oranges into the closet repertoire. Besides these tones, tribal patterns in all areas of the outfit, jives with this energy systematically.



On January 11th. Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.  The archetype of the sign Capricorn is one of dignity and authority. I feel this is a great day to wear your three-piece suit. Think about a chic structured jacket, pared with a crop jean and a tall sleek bootie.


 On January 13th, Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. Because these are two slower moving planets, this will be felt on a global level. However, when taking a closer look at the clothing, we witness this energy more on a lpersonal level. This energy talks about expanding your imagination.  The moons placement on this day is in Aires and fire and water pair very nicely together. How about wearing a light silk blouse, underneath an oversize light colored cashmere sweater, accompanied by a beautiful high-heeled pump.


On January 14th, structure meets fluidity. This involves Mercury in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces. A sextile, in astrology is a very favorable aspect between planets. Try a nice zip up jacket, high top gym shoes and skinny leggings. This look has all the components for a land and water day.


January 18th We have two major aspects happening in the sky. These include Venus in Sagittarius trine Mars in Aires and Sun in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aires. This is some major fire energy coming to the surface. Let us be strategic with our wardrobe, bringing in some lighter more harmonious colors and fabrics into our daily look. Wear a patterned blouse with a ripped low-rise jean and a jacket over it for some status.


January 20th The next day, we have the Sun move into the non-traditional sign, Aquarius. Right before the moon becomes full in its opposite sign, Leo. In astrology, the Sun is masculine, ruling our outward expression into the world. Where as, the moon, a feminine energy, rules our emotional side and how we are feeling on the inside. Because this full moon is occurring in Leo, we are taking a deeper look at our relationship with our valuable pieces. Today, I encourage incorporating both of these energies into your wardrobe.  Wear a long pencil skirt with an oversized sweater and a unique shoe and bag. This brings the outfit into balance and order.


Two days later, January 22nd. We have Venus, planet of love and beauty in Sagittarius conjunct expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius. As mentioned earlier, when Venus is this adventurous sign, you are going to find a lot of experimentation with patterns and colors in your outfit choices. Why not try the color blocking technique. Wear a vibrant blue top with a bright red pant and yellow skinny belt. This is a perfect expression of Venus in fiery Sag.


Mid week, on Wednesday 23rd, Mercury enters the domains of Aquarius. This is going to invoke a lot of interesting banter among the collective and possibly thoughts of what to put on your body.  When planet of how we are thinking moves into a comfortable air sign. How about wearing a sweater with an interesting detail on it, a high-wasted ripped grey denim and Air Jordan’s that are making a comeback from the early 90’s. Being playful with ideas is a very Aquarian trait. After all, this is the inventor of the zodiac.


On January 29th, we have the Sun conjunct Mars in the sign of Capricorn. This to me screams WORK and a salute to sophistication and elegant dressing.  Pull out a trouser pant, with a tee shirt for a casual flair and bootie. This look is a take on the feminine meets masculine and a different approach to increasing your style game in the office.


We end the month on January 31st. Mars in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces. What better way to end this convoluted year, then with a bit of fantasy and realism? Experiment with a full -length skit with a cropped top and beautiful classic pump.


This year already has a new feel to it.  It evokes a clearer vision of who we are, growing closer to our authentic selves. When we dress to astrology we are learning how to flow with the music of the universe. This allows us to come into our power and true natural state of being.

It the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Michelle Goldfarb

Hooray! We have finally made it to the last month of 2018; December. Besides being a time to deck the halls and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, It really is an amazing time to go through your wardrobe and decide, what are you going to wear to those fabulous holiday parties?


This is a month that has some exciting astrology highlights on the horizon. These include, Mercury, our planet of communication going direct, New Moon in the forward thinking sign of Sagittarius, Full Moon in the sensitive sign of Cancer, Mars planet of action coming home in self starter Aires and many more aspects that can contribute to our selective wardrobe choices.


On December 1st, there are two major occurrences in the astrological sky to make note of. First, the Moon transits through the partnership house, Libra and Second, Mercury (still retrograde), enters the underworld of Scorpio. How does this translate into our dress you ask? It all involves finding a balance between the sensual part of how we dress and wearing something beautiful and harmonious.


The next day, December 2nd, Venus, our planet of love and self-expression also joins the party in the depths of Scorpios realm. If Mercury isn’t powerful enough, we can now take it up a notch with our ladylove. Think about wearing sexy leather and furs for sultry energy. On the same day, we have the Sun in Sagittarius squaring Mars in in Pisces. This translates to festival mayhem meets the watery world of the fish.


On December 5th, we have the Sun in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. This equates to a mixture of bohemian style dress and Hollywood glamour. Bring out your patterns and sequins and intertwine these energies for some fun adventures.


On December 6th-Mercury goes direct and New Moon in Sagittarius. This is an excellent day to buy or wear fun patterns that you can add to your basic wardrobe. This Moon also allows new ideas to flow, giving you insights and glimpses into your future self.


On December 7th Mars, planet of movement conjuncts Neptune, our spiritual self. In relation to our dress, we can wear athletic gear that has alight buoyancy to it.


On December 12th, Mercury enters Sagittarius again, thinking about the next steps that we are going to take in our wardrobe.


A few days later, on December 16th, Venus kindly talks to Saturn. Our self­-expression learns how to be structured yet sexy all in the same package.


On December 20-21st. The moon travels through Gemini. There are two transits to pay attention to- On December 20th, the Sun makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus, involving the two fire signs, Sagittarius and Aires. Because it is in fire, we awaken to our inner traveler and master the art of the accessory. A day later, on December 21st, we have Venus, how we self-express and Neptune, how we perceive, joining forces in the signs of Scorpio and Pisces.  Having these two beautiful planets in water signs, allows color and lighter fabrics to be incorporated in the wardrobe.


December 22nd ,  Full Moon in Cancer. A full Moon is when the Moon is opposite the Sun. Since the Moon this time is in the sign of the Crab, the illuminating Sun is then in the opposite sign Capricorn. Use Today to dress to both signs. Cancer dressers are more into the comfortable more than functional. Where as, Capricorns care about how it looks and appeals in the public eye. Therefore, we have a cozy sophisticated look all in one swipe. Try a soft cotton blazer with a sheath dress and high-heeled pump. This is look that has softness, but can also contribute to a social climber.


On Christmas Eve, December 24th, we have talkative Mercury having tension with lovable Neptune, in the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Can we coordinate an outfit full of lots of warmth and still wear something that caters to both signs? For example: warm oversize sweater and over a lightweight maxi dress with a scarf and low bootie.


Another Significant Day is December 31st, New Years Eve. This year it falls in the beginning of the week and it is not coincidence that mars comes home in the sign of dynamic Aires.  This adds more fire energy to your outfit. So consider a look that has a lot of HEAT.


Fashion Scopes for December


December 1st Mercury enters Scorpio (still retrograde)

December 2nd. Venus enters Scorpio. Same Day Sun squares Mars

December 5th Sun Squares Neptune

December 6th Mercury goes Direct

                           New Moon in Sagittarius

December 7th Mars conjuncts Neptune

December 12th Mercury enters Sag (direct) 

December 16th Venus Sextile Saturn

December 20th Sun trine Uranus

December 21st Venus trine Neptune

December 22th Full Moon in Cancer

December 24th Mercury Square Neptune

December 31st Mars enters Aires