It the Most Wonderful Time of the Year / by Michelle Goldfarb

Hooray! We have finally made it to the last month of 2018; December. Besides being a time to deck the halls and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, It really is an amazing time to go through your wardrobe and decide, what are you going to wear to those fabulous holiday parties?


This is a month that has some exciting astrology highlights on the horizon. These include, Mercury, our planet of communication going direct, New Moon in the forward thinking sign of Sagittarius, Full Moon in the sensitive sign of Cancer, Mars planet of action coming home in self starter Aires and many more aspects that can contribute to our selective wardrobe choices.


On December 1st, there are two major occurrences in the astrological sky to make note of. First, the Moon transits through the partnership house, Libra and Second, Mercury (still retrograde), enters the underworld of Scorpio. How does this translate into our dress you ask? It all involves finding a balance between the sensual part of how we dress and wearing something beautiful and harmonious.


The next day, December 2nd, Venus, our planet of love and self-expression also joins the party in the depths of Scorpios realm. If Mercury isn’t powerful enough, we can now take it up a notch with our ladylove. Think about wearing sexy leather and furs for sultry energy. On the same day, we have the Sun in Sagittarius squaring Mars in in Pisces. This translates to festival mayhem meets the watery world of the fish.


On December 5th, we have the Sun in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. This equates to a mixture of bohemian style dress and Hollywood glamour. Bring out your patterns and sequins and intertwine these energies for some fun adventures.


On December 6th-Mercury goes direct and New Moon in Sagittarius. This is an excellent day to buy or wear fun patterns that you can add to your basic wardrobe. This Moon also allows new ideas to flow, giving you insights and glimpses into your future self.


On December 7th Mars, planet of movement conjuncts Neptune, our spiritual self. In relation to our dress, we can wear athletic gear that has alight buoyancy to it.


On December 12th, Mercury enters Sagittarius again, thinking about the next steps that we are going to take in our wardrobe.


A few days later, on December 16th, Venus kindly talks to Saturn. Our self­-expression learns how to be structured yet sexy all in the same package.


On December 20-21st. The moon travels through Gemini. There are two transits to pay attention to- On December 20th, the Sun makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus, involving the two fire signs, Sagittarius and Aires. Because it is in fire, we awaken to our inner traveler and master the art of the accessory. A day later, on December 21st, we have Venus, how we self-express and Neptune, how we perceive, joining forces in the signs of Scorpio and Pisces.  Having these two beautiful planets in water signs, allows color and lighter fabrics to be incorporated in the wardrobe.


December 22nd ,  Full Moon in Cancer. A full Moon is when the Moon is opposite the Sun. Since the Moon this time is in the sign of the Crab, the illuminating Sun is then in the opposite sign Capricorn. Use Today to dress to both signs. Cancer dressers are more into the comfortable more than functional. Where as, Capricorns care about how it looks and appeals in the public eye. Therefore, we have a cozy sophisticated look all in one swipe. Try a soft cotton blazer with a sheath dress and high-heeled pump. This is look that has softness, but can also contribute to a social climber.


On Christmas Eve, December 24th, we have talkative Mercury having tension with lovable Neptune, in the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Can we coordinate an outfit full of lots of warmth and still wear something that caters to both signs? For example: warm oversize sweater and over a lightweight maxi dress with a scarf and low bootie.


Another Significant Day is December 31st, New Years Eve. This year it falls in the beginning of the week and it is not coincidence that mars comes home in the sign of dynamic Aires.  This adds more fire energy to your outfit. So consider a look that has a lot of HEAT.


Fashion Scopes for December


December 1st Mercury enters Scorpio (still retrograde)

December 2nd. Venus enters Scorpio. Same Day Sun squares Mars

December 5th Sun Squares Neptune

December 6th Mercury goes Direct

                           New Moon in Sagittarius

December 7th Mars conjuncts Neptune

December 12th Mercury enters Sag (direct) 

December 16th Venus Sextile Saturn

December 20th Sun trine Uranus

December 21st Venus trine Neptune

December 22th Full Moon in Cancer

December 24th Mercury Square Neptune

December 31st Mars enters Aires