The Alchemizing Process

There are three major steps that I take to ensure a successful charm. These include a chart reading, alchemizing the Closet, and the the final Product.


Chart Reading

Before we make your  closet beautiful, I need to look at all parts of your personality with a chart reading. This is the very first step towards exploring your individual style and fashion sense. During this time, I will ask a series of questions that relate to your lifestyle choices. This information that you provide for me, is extremely important for creating a new and improved wardrobe.


Alchemizing the Closet

After we have a clear chart reading, the next step involves me viewing your closet.  From the  information gained from the previous reading, we apply that to how your wanting your wardrobe to look and feel. During this step, we can remove items from the closet that are no longer working, as well as replace clothing that is more in alignment with your true self and beauty. This transforms your closet into a more natural and powerful source for expressing yourself. Giving you unique pieces for your personal essence and style. 


Final Product

After a diligent chart reading and a necessary analysis of the closet, we now have a solid foundation. This is not only a closet to be proud of but it was created based on your authentic makeup. Which brings me to my favorite part of the whole closet makeover the donation part. You can now decide whether you would like to donate your clothing locally or nationally that I am happy to do for you. Im very passionate about giving back and I know that there are so many people in the world that need clothing to wear.