Natal Reading  $120/ hour and $60 for half an hour

A Natal Chart is a specific map that contains planetary arrangements of the sky at the time of birth.  These specific maps are used as guides to learn about someones personality and potentiality of character.

Astrological Closet Session -$90/hr Includes, 20 min Fashion Reading plus two hours of consultation. Any additional is $100/hr

This includes reading the planets and the alignment in the natal chart to understand your personal style and expression. After the reading, I take the chart into the closet for a closer look at how to create the best wardrobe for you. First, we will go through each of the wardrobe pieces to discuss whether they need to stay or be donated. Then, once we have eliminated the pieces that no longer resonate, I help you with what clothing items better suit your individual lifestyle.

Girls just want to have fun $150/hr. Minimum of two hours

Parties always encourage community in the collective. Adding a fun twist like astrology is an excellent way to increase a sense of togetherness and challenge the mind to a new concept. Grab your best girlfriends, serve the most decadent orderve and enjoy some much needed playtime !